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It is the preferred magazine of the business sector due to its research and analysis articles about the country's economic environment. It includes experiences, insights and recommendations from CEOs and Senior Managers in major companies.


  • It provides profound articles. Moreover, the information is provided by spokespersons in high positions like CEOs, Senior Managers or genuine opinion leaders (business schools, consulting firms, independent specialists, chambers and associations).
  • It is classified as the most serious business magazine in the country, thanks to its editorial quality.
  • Using its own database, Alto Nivel is delivered through private courier service to the offices of CEOs and Seniors Managers in some of the largest companies in Mexico.
  • Every month we publish five to six exclusive interviews with business executives.

Reader profile

  • 82% men

  • 18% women

  • Age

    30 - 55

  • SES

    ABC + 96%

    C 4%

  • Periodicity
  • Distribution
    Private database
  • Circulation
    30,000 copies
  • Scope
    145,000 readers
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Ulises Navarro López

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Eduardo Scheffler Zawadzki

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Roberto Lemus Echevarría

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Jorge Arturo Monjaras Moreno
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