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After 20 years of existence, CINE PREMIERE is today the leading magazine in film and entertainment at a national level. We offer a complete experience with leaders of opinion on current entertainment topics, such as TV series, video games, gadgets, books, social networks, apps, and many others.

CINE PREMIERE plays a vital part in the industry, as the most renowned critics expose their points of view here; which makes us a reliable source of information on the subject.

We offer monthly information and exclusive artwork on the most expected films by our readers.


  • The only nationally-distributed magazine in Mexico that is specialized in cinema.
  • Great interaction and participation supported by a community of more than 650 thousand followers on Twitter and Facebook.
  • It is considered one of the most important publications of the subject at national and international levels.

Reader profile

  • 61% men

  • 39% women

  • Age

    18 - 24 50%

  • SES

    ABC + 72%

    C 28%

  • Periodicity
  • Distribution
  • Circulation
    65,000 copies
  • Scope
    330,000 readers
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