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Entrepreneur is the magazine for entrepreneurs and owners of small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) in Mexico. After 21 years in the market, it has become the best-selling business publication in the country.

Readers perceive it as a true ally in business, thanks to helpful information provided every month to help them start, strengthen and grow their business.

Entrepreneur readers are passionate, committed and innovative people who look for the information they need in order to make decisions and take measured risks.


  • Entrepreneur is considered an authority on issues related to entrepreneurs and SMBs in Mexico.
  • It has a wide market: from entrepreneurs who just started a business to entrepreneurs with years in the market who need to make their company grow with the help of new information and tools.
  • The magazine has created significant brand loyalty among its readers due to the seriousness of its contents, its fresh editorial style and its editorial independence.
  • Thanks to its list of "500 Franchises", the magazine has become a reference for the franchise industry in the country.
  • 9 out of 10 readers purchase or choose products and services advertised in the magazine.

Reader profile

  • 70% men

  • 30% women

  • Age

    24 - 55

  • SES

    ABC + 88%

    C 12%

  • Periodicity
  • Distribution
  • Circulation
    130,000 copies
  • Scope
    806,000 readers
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Ulises Navarro López

Director Operaciones Online
Eduardo Scheffler Zawadzki

Director Estrategia y Administración Comercial
Roberto Lemus Echevarría

Directora Marketing Comercial
Gianella Carvajal Soto

Director Editorial
Genaro Mejía 
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