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It is a reflection of the unique lifestyle that characterizes the owners of this brand throughout the country. The magazine is defined by a sober and sophisticated design with a thorough attention to detail in each edition, as well as flawless picture quality.

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  • It is not just a magazine about cars; it is a publication on lifestyle with cutting-edge information on technology, architecture, sports and tourism.
  • Great segmentation, since it is targeted to people with great purchasing power.

Reader profile

  • 85% men

  • 15% women

  • Age

    35 - 50

  • SES

    AB 92%

    C 8%

  • Periodicity
  • Distribution
    Recent Mercedes-Benz owners
  • Circulation
    25,000 copies
  • Scope
    100,000 readers
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Director Operaciones Print
Ulises Navarro López

Director Operaciones Online
Eduardo Scheffler Zawadzki

Director Estrategia y Administración Comercial
Roberto Lemus Echevarría

Directora Marketing Comercial
Gianella Carvajal Soto

Directora Editorial
Sandra Notario García
 (52) 52670591