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México Desconocido is the number one magazine about tourism in the country, which invites you to go further while actively enjoying destinations in Mexico. The photos and travel experiences presented have given the magazine the prestige which characterizes it.

The readers of México Desconocido are determined, enthusiastic people; they like being the first ones organizing original trips and they choose new places for their vacations. They are active and have fun living new experiences. They enjoy nature and practicing sports outdoors; they appreciate the Mexican diversity, as well as its art and culture and love continuous discovery.


  • 37 years of traveling around Mexico and discovering its places of interest.
  • Favorite among travelers for its informative and photographic quality.
  • Innovative in every destination and with a profound exploration of every place.
  • Recognized as the best media to promote the country at a national and international level.
  • Its guides are the perfect company for your trip.
  • With over 200,000 exclusive, original photographs.

Reader profile

  • 60% men

  • 40% women

  • Age

    25 - 49

  • SES

    AB 22%

    C+/C 78%

  • Periodicity
  • Distribution
  • Circulation
    85,000 copies
  • Scope
    460,000 readers
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Ulises Navarro López

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Eduardo Scheffler Zawadzki

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Roberto Lemus Echevarría

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Gianella Carvajal Soto

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Beatriz Quintanar Hinojosa

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Maricarmen Domínguez Rosales