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nupciasmagazine.com is the perfect tool for today's bride, who is searching online ideas for her wedding.

This is an enriched version of our print magazine, with exclusive content for the Internet, coupled with the dynamics of constant movement of our social networks.


  • Exclusive content, with constant updates.
  • Every design production is made in-house, therefore they are all exclusive.
  • 98% of our readers search our pages for advice from experts in products and services, such as hotels and restaurants.
  • Leading wedding magazine in Mexico.
  • News in beauty, banquets, honeymoons, among other topics.

Reader profile

  • 10% men

  • 90% women

  • Age

    15 - 24 20%

    25 - 34 60%

    35 - 44 40%

  • SES

    ABC + 85%

    C 15%


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Ulises Navarro López

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Eduardo Scheffler Zawadzki

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Roberto Lemus Echevarría

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Gianella Carvajal Soto

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Andrea García Cavazos
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